Monday, November 1, 2010

Lunch with my tutor

Couple of days ago I had my first dinner with my tutor. It wasn't at a restaurant, just a welcome buffet somewhere inside the university. I have never been in a situation like this before so I had no idea what to wear. I choose these clothes. They were ok. Besides no one was interested about what everyone else was wearing or doing. Everyone went straight to the buffet. . . . . .so many hungry students. . . . . . Probably they miss their mum's cooking skills. Ok I admit it I was one of them. I was really hungry that day.

 My fetix was this butterfly ring. So cute. 
Ohhh and my new nail polish. From 17 Lasting Fix nail polish (color: Smoke Signal)
I have to make a complain. All the nail polishes I brought with me from Greece are. . . how can I say this. . . ok, when I paint my nails, after some hours the color breaks and pieces fall everywhere. It is sooo strange. Back in Greece these nail polishes were great. I don't know what's their problem now. I thought it was due to the climate change and the humidity. If you have any explanation please let me know.

Btw the meeting was ok. We just ate, talked about different things, except from the crucial one - our master - and leave. That's all.
Anyway I should go to sleep. I have classes tomorrow morning, from 9 to 6:30 . . . . . I can't even say it. It sounds soo tiring.

Goodnight guys. Take care. Until next time, many kisses x x x

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My life in UK

As I promised, I'll show you how my life in UK is.
I don't leave on campus but in a small town near the campus. So I can say that indeed I have leaved in England!

Here you can see the river that crosses my town. It has a lovely bridge built in 1875!

Here is a view of the post office and the old church, from the bridge.

Every Sunday there is an autumn market....

We have many parks.....

Here is a view of my University.

And here you can see the bus that I take to go to the campus.

Here is the palace (!). I don't know what is it. I just took a picture of it. It reminds me of Jasmine and Alladin. Did you watched it too?

And here are the streets in my town. It's so different from what I was used to see every day....

Ok.... I'll show you and some outfits really soon.
Until then, many hugs and kisses x x x

Thursday, October 14, 2010

First post from UK!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!!!!
This is my first post from the UK. I am indeed a UK residence!!!! How exciting is that!!!!

Sorry for my absence, but just today got Internet connection. I was using the computers in the Library, but I couldn't see my blog. Too many eyes watching me.....

Let's begin. . . .
A new life started for me here in England. I live in a small city in the countryside. Ok it's not that small. . . it even has Topshop, but it's so different from my city, Athens. There is green everywhere.

Everyday I take the bus to go to the University and I see horses, cows, sheeps, squirrels. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice (The BBC collection) in the English country. Ohhh my favourite movie.

The weather is cold, but not that much to make you freeze, and thank God it hasn't rained a lot.

It is the first time I live alone and it's so weird. Today I had my first laundry. Luckily the clothes are still white. I also went to the super market. I spend 1 hour just because I couldn't decide what detergent for the clothes to buy. . . gel or powder? Have you ever noticed how many different detergents exist?
I haven't cooked yet, thank God we have restaurants and pubs, but I will try it tomorrow. I will tell you if I burn anything, but i hope i won't.

The University is amazing. I really wish I had my undergraduate degree here, or in general somewhere in UK. There are so many interesting things to do. Not just coffee and tavli (backgammon), like in Greece. Here they are so organized. They give us the presentations, before the lectures, so as to write down what we want. There is a room for the students to stay when they have breaks from the lectures and it has a machine with free coffee and tea!

About the people now.....
I can't describe how lucky I feel to be able to meet so many people from all over the world.
I met people from China, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Canada, Venezouela, Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Greece of course, Mexico, Spain, Boulgaria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK and the list is going on.....

OHHH I am really excited.

Even though my course is going to be quiet difficult (I already had an assignment, but i managed to finish it. Tomorrow I will send it to my tutor) I will try to spend the best time ever.
Wish me luck guys.

I 'll post photos soon.

Many many kisses x x x

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just 2 days

Dear diary. . . it's official!!!

On Tuesday I am leaving. UK I am coming. Wait for me.

But let's begin with my news.
Now that FNO is over I must admit. . . . . I am way toooooooo shy. Due to this 'little problem' I was unable to take photos. I just didn't like people looking at me while I was taking photos, even though everyone had a camera on his hand. So no photos at all. I was so sad and dissappointed about myself that I left, and went with my sister to eat Chinese. The fried banana for dessert made me feel so much better. You should try it.

NEW RULE : Become more social!!! Talk to people and don't be shy!

I visited Blanko, but I did it on the first week of their opening and it was Saturday - BIG mistake - so the chaos inside the store was undescribable.
Unfortunately, the collection wasn't the winter one. It was more of a fall collection, but since I am about to leave, I wanted some, more appropriate for winter, clothes, and despite the temtation, I bought nothing at all.

I also, went to other known stores in Ermou street, where the situation was so weird. The customers were so few. There were no lines at the cashier and it was so peaceful. Strange for Saturday morning. But then I thought  '' No it's not the crisis, it's Blanko opening ''. New store in town, so everyone is back there. But once again I bought nothing at all. I loved their collections and they had perfect clothes for the winter, but I had another problem. No space in my suitcase!!!

I am allowed to carry 2 suitcases on the plane, one 20 kilos and one handbag 8 kilos. With only 28 kilos what can I pack? My wardrobe weights more, way more. So by buying new clothes, I had to find more space. And I don't have it. So I decide not to buy anything. Besides they have shops in UK. I am not going in Antarctica. Really, do they have shops in Antarctica? I don't know.

My parents are going to send me by post, a box with the clothes that won't fit in my suitcases, but for every 20 kilos they have to pay 100 euros, and I don't want them to spend so much money for my clothes, that I might not even wear. So I have to decide wisely of what to pack or not with me. So difficult!

Today my parents and I went my sister to the airport. She went to UK too. This moment, that I am writing, she is in a bus on the way to her university. Oh I miss her soooo much. Ok I will be in UK in 2 days, but it's not like we are going to be together. Totally different universities, totally different areas. It's the first time we are going to be away from each other. We used to do everything together, together at school, together at sports, together on walks, everything together. But I have to be strong, besides I am grown up. 
I can do everything by myself!

It's weird being a twin. It's such a unique bonding....

Well I am going to continue packing now. I want to be free tomorrow, to go for a walk, one last walk....

(Hey, I am talking like I'll never going to return back to Greece. I should stop the drama)

Ps: Wish me luck with the ''packing issue''.
Ps2: Sorry for having no pictures to give some color to my blah blah blah.

Until next time, many many kisses x x x

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blanco opening

A new store called Blanco is opening on the 10th of September in Ermou street (where Anna Riska was).
From curiosity I took a look on their site and as it is mentioned: "Blanco is a Spanish company specialized in the design, production, distribution and sale of all types of accessories and clothing for the modern woman and man, a demanding public that looks for constant novelties and for whom day by day we try to be the best."

To be honest I found many interesting things, but I really have to visit it and see their collection by close.

Let's show you what caught my eye:

All the images from Blanco site.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer 2010! ! !

My summer is officcially over. I spend it in places all over Greece. I went in Crete, in Evia and Alonnisos.
I really wanted to relax. . . .and relax. . . . . . . . . . and relax.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The whole year was very tiring.

I was exhausted with my dissertation, which I finally managed to finish on the end on June. Unfortunatelly I missed the June's graduation so I am about to graduate on DECEMBER!!!! I have to wait 6 months in order to get my degree. That's so unfair.
Anyway, on the end of September I am about to leave. I am moving to UK for my Master.
Ohh I am so excited!!!

Back to holidays now. . .  This is the first time I went somewhere and I didn't took many photos. So I don't have a lot to show you. Neither outfit, nor places I visited.

These are the only I have. Hope you like them.

You will see, that I have an obssession with these sandals. I can say that I spend all the summer wearing them. Sooooo comfortable and soooo not mine :P (thanx mum).

Ready for a wedding. Simple with a black dress and pink peep toes.

  Somewhere in Herakleion - Crete....

It's Herbie and my jumper.

Admiring the sunset in Crete. Unfortunately I was freezing, as you can see.

That is why I am wearing my boyfriends jacket.

On the ship, with the wind blowing my hair...

This is a bag I bought from River Island when I visited UK this May. I like the combination of perles and chain in the handles.( I don't now if you can see it, though)

Observing the night sky...

As you can see I love this particular bag too. It matches great both with black and beige.

Im so sorry for the quality. It isn't the best, I know.

I have to go now. I am making lists of what I might need with me. I want to be ready. In about a month I am leaving. Oh butterflies in my stomach.

Until next time, many many kisses x x x

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hey guys. I am finally back. I don't know if anyone missed me, but I really missed all of you and of course I missed posting.

My vacation came to an end. I suppose. . .I haven't planned anything else yet. Before I start posting about how great they were, I will answer some questions that stella from asked me to.

Here they are:

1. Do you have a hidden talent?
Well I am not sure if I have a talent. I never thought of it and I guess I don't have one. Ohh I am so stupid. I can't do anything right. I can't sing, play a musical instrument, dance (no I can dance really well, but that's not a talent), draw. Anything! 

2. If you were given $£€1k, would you spend the majority of it on shoes or bags - can't say both! 
Ok I can't say both, so I think I would spend the money in bags. Personally, I think it is better to own a good designer's bag (ok and more than one), than a designer's pair of shoes. The shoes, even being designer's or not, always killing your feet. So you will end up crying for all the money you actually spend for something you are never going to wear. A bag never dissappoints you. I go for the bags.

3. If you could only take 5 things with you to a dessert island what would they be?
Dessert Island. . .sun. . .sea. . .Well, let's see. . . a sunblock, my sunglasses, towel, swimsuit and last but not least, my hat.

4. If you could switch places with a celebrity for the summer, whose life would you want to live temporarily?
I have no idea. My summers are always great. So I wouldn't like to change places with a celeb. 
Maybe in the winter. . .I would really like to go to a chalet in Switzerland. Which celeb is going there? I suppose everyone. So with anyone who goes there, for skying, partying and social networking.

5. What are your 5 best fashion buys ever! 
I would say. . . my Mark Jacobs sunglasses, my Tommy Hilfiger handbag, a black cape from Rococo, my pink-beige oxford shoes from Buffalo London and my navy-blue platforms from Exe.

6. What is the most precious gift someone has ever given you? 
My watch, with a white leather strap and gold case. It is the first "serious" gift (the puppets and the chocolates don't count), my boyfriend gave me.

7.Name your 3 favourite perfumes/scents.
Silver Rain (La Prairie), Yes Gold (Pupa) and L (Lolita Lempicka).

It's my turn to tag three bloggers.
eliza, nells and katerina. Girls if you want take part into this Q&A game.

I'll be back really really soon. Until then many kisses x x x

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Concert - Mixalis Xatzigiannis

Yesterday I went to a concert. Mixalis Xatzigiannis was singing in Petras Theater in Petroupoli.
 I haven't been to a concert for a long time. So I took the chance, since I like Mixalis songs, and had a great time with my friends.

Vodafone was one of the sponsors and they were distributing little gifts, such as lollipops and mini binoculars.
The perfect company for a live concert.


I really wanted to upload a sample of the concert I filmed with my camera, but I don't know if I am allowed to do it. So I found a video from the concert on 17/06/2010 in Theatro Vraxon. Mixalis is singing his last song "To kalokairi mou".

And this is my concert outfit. Very simple I admit.

Tomorrow I am leaving for my summer vacation. I am going to Crete once again. I hope it will be great.
I'll post my "outfit adventures" soon.

Have a great summer all of you. Many kisses x o x o

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I love my red blazer!

I "escaped" from Athens this weekend and visited a friend to her village. I have to admit that the climate was not the best (much humidity, so it was quite cold and so many mosquitoes. I hate them.). So I had to wear a warm jacket. Thank God I brought with me a blazer. My new red one.

Blazer: Zara
Dress (worn as top): Topshop
Belt: Stradivarius
Shorts: Mango
Shoes: Exe

Btw I had my first bath!!!! Ok I am still white, let's say I am a "white chocolate", but I hope I will become a "milk chocolate" during my vacation, once again, in Crete. Ok I don't expect to become a "dark chocolate", but I 'll try to become a little darker. . . I like my correlation of chocolate and tan.

I hope you all have a great summer. Many many kisses x o x o

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hey, someone is calling my name

Naaa, it was nothing.
Anyway...I am happy just wearing my (for now) favourite shoes.

Take care all of you. Until next time. . . many many kisses x x x

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waiting for the summer

Ok I am fed up.
Tomorrow (finally) I am about to present my dissertation and I am sooo anxious . . . . .It's the last thing I have to do in order to graduate!

On Friday I have my German exams and I haven't read anything, at all!
I really want to relax. Wear my swimsuit, lay on a beach and read my fab magazine.
God, I miss some free time.

Btw I want this one....Even though Gisele will look much better than me.

Just one week and summer will officially begin.....


I hope everyone is having a great time.
Until next time, don't forget "sunlotion, hat and big black sunglasses". Sun is dangerous.
Kisses x x x

Friday, June 11, 2010

visiting UK

Before two weeks i visited UK for business (well it sounds really good...). It's not like "Hey i am going to London for shopping and sightseeing". I went to visit some universities, ok a lot...and my programm was quite tight.
Here is a sample of my stops around UK.

I' ll explain you my exact programm....
from Athens-Greece  to  Heathrow airport -> Manchester -> Leeds -> Bradford -> Milton Keynes -> Coventry -> Leamington Spa -> Birmingham -> Bristol -> Reading -> London -> Heathrow airport  back to Athens-Greece
And all these in 6 days...So tiring only to describe it, imagine to do it.

And the trip starts here:

The Alps

Between France and UK

In Manchester airport

Alhambra Theatre in Bradford
Boots: Nak
Bag: Lollipops
Shorts: Pull & Bear
Tshirt: Roxy
Sweater: Promod
Trench Coat: More More

the view from the room

Leaving Bradford
Jean: Staff
Shirt: Zara
Camisole: Benetton
Necklace: Topshop
Trench Coat: More More
Bag: From Sweden
Shoes: All Star

Relaxing in a hotel in Coventry

the view from the hotel
I am in nature...There are ducks, chickens and rabbits outside my window.
Boots: Nak
Dress: Zara
Sweater: Promod
Scarf: Accessories

 the river in Leamington Spa
Ok...I was impressed by the green, the friendly people and the fact that the weather was very good (hot weather, no rain at all)

a strange sculpture
Jean: Staff
Sweater: Zara
Scarf: Zara
bag: from Sweden
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: All Star

All the ducks belong to Queen. Did you knew that? I didn't.

I have an obssession with signs.
I just want to take pictures in front of signs that say where i am.

From Birmingham to Bristol
There are air balloons (I suppose this is how they are called). Can you see them?

Fish and chips

Sightseeing Tour of London
Well, to be honest there was no time to see London or go for some serious shopping.

but i had time for a quick shopping, just to buy presents.
Jeans: Lee
Tshirt: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Bag: from Sweden
Shoes: All Star

Hyde Park

Big Ben

The London Eye

Ok...that's it. My last photo before leaving UK. I have to hurry or else I'll miss the plane.

Somewhere here i want to talk about a little adventure we (I was not alone, my friend was with me) had.

We missed the train from Bristol to London just for 5 minutes and it was 11 o' clock in the night. The next train departure was at 5:30 in the morning, so we had to wait for about 6 hours for the next train. Unfortunately the train station had to be locked in the night, so we had to spend the night in a bench just outside the station. Well it was very cold. My friend gave me one of his jackets, which i wore on top of my trench coat, but i was still freezing. Finally I managed to sleep for an hour, while my friend was looking after me and the luggage. Thank you A. The rest hours I was scrolling up and down in order to warm up, but with no results. Finally we catch the train at 5:30 but unfortunatelly (one more time) it stopped at Reading due to mechanical problem, so we had to take a bus to reach Heathrow airport, where our hotel was. Finally we arrived at the hotel at 8 o clock in the morning, tottally tired.

But this is something I am going to remember for the rest of my life. Sleeping in a bench, meeting new people, new places, finding my way with no maps at all. Well great experience.

Until next time, take care you guys. Kisses x x x