Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blanco opening

A new store called Blanco is opening on the 10th of September in Ermou street (where Anna Riska was).
From curiosity I took a look on their site and as it is mentioned: "Blanco is a Spanish company specialized in the design, production, distribution and sale of all types of accessories and clothing for the modern woman and man, a demanding public that looks for constant novelties and for whom day by day we try to be the best."

To be honest I found many interesting things, but I really have to visit it and see their collection by close.

Let's show you what caught my eye:

All the images from Blanco site.


stella said...

στο site εχει οντως μερικα ωραια κομματια σε πολυ καλες τιμες, αλλα θα ηθελα να τα δω κι απο κοντα γιατι δε τα ξερω απο ποιοτητα!

Mairyliscious said...

se xasame eeee
kalo fthinopwro !!!!

lopi said...

I love the designs, but I think they only used fake leather and I'm not quite into that. Too bad, they're waaay cute.

Y said...

Oh, I only just discovered Blanco recently, they have some really nice affordable pieces!

kataifi* said...

to ble padeloni exi apla apistefto xroma!

Panagiota said...

orea ta papoutsia,tin proseksa aftin tin etairia stis diafimiseis ton periodikon,otan ertho athina tha to episkefto.

CoffeeBlooms said...

such nice items!!! indeed :)

Sabina said...

Vali, it's fantastic you're doing your Masters in the UK! Which uni are you going to?
Your comment was very very helpful - and I LOVE long comments, so that was lovely :))) You must be very excited - I understand you :))
Good luck good luck good luck honey!