Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My life in UK

As I promised, I'll show you how my life in UK is.
I don't leave on campus but in a small town near the campus. So I can say that indeed I have leaved in England!

Here you can see the river that crosses my town. It has a lovely bridge built in 1875!

Here is a view of the post office and the old church, from the bridge.

Every Sunday there is an autumn market....

We have many parks.....

Here is a view of my University.

And here you can see the bus that I take to go to the campus.

Here is the palace (!). I don't know what is it. I just took a picture of it. It reminds me of Jasmine and Alladin. Did you watched it too?

And here are the streets in my town. It's so different from what I was used to see every day....

Ok.... I'll show you and some outfits really soon.
Until then, many hugs and kisses x x x

Thursday, October 14, 2010

First post from UK!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!!!!
This is my first post from the UK. I am indeed a UK residence!!!! How exciting is that!!!!

Sorry for my absence, but just today got Internet connection. I was using the computers in the Library, but I couldn't see my blog. Too many eyes watching me.....

Let's begin. . . .
A new life started for me here in England. I live in a small city in the countryside. Ok it's not that small. . . it even has Topshop, but it's so different from my city, Athens. There is green everywhere.

Everyday I take the bus to go to the University and I see horses, cows, sheeps, squirrels. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice (The BBC collection) in the English country. Ohhh my favourite movie.

The weather is cold, but not that much to make you freeze, and thank God it hasn't rained a lot.

It is the first time I live alone and it's so weird. Today I had my first laundry. Luckily the clothes are still white. I also went to the super market. I spend 1 hour just because I couldn't decide what detergent for the clothes to buy. . . gel or powder? Have you ever noticed how many different detergents exist?
I haven't cooked yet, thank God we have restaurants and pubs, but I will try it tomorrow. I will tell you if I burn anything, but i hope i won't.

The University is amazing. I really wish I had my undergraduate degree here, or in general somewhere in UK. There are so many interesting things to do. Not just coffee and tavli (backgammon), like in Greece. Here they are so organized. They give us the presentations, before the lectures, so as to write down what we want. There is a room for the students to stay when they have breaks from the lectures and it has a machine with free coffee and tea!

About the people now.....
I can't describe how lucky I feel to be able to meet so many people from all over the world.
I met people from China, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Canada, Venezouela, Columbia, France, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Greece of course, Mexico, Spain, Boulgaria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK and the list is going on.....

OHHH I am really excited.

Even though my course is going to be quiet difficult (I already had an assignment, but i managed to finish it. Tomorrow I will send it to my tutor) I will try to spend the best time ever.
Wish me luck guys.

I 'll post photos soon.

Many many kisses x x x