Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Waiting for the summer

Ok I am fed up.
Tomorrow (finally) I am about to present my dissertation and I am sooo anxious . . . . .It's the last thing I have to do in order to graduate!

On Friday I have my German exams and I haven't read anything, at all!
I really want to relax. Wear my swimsuit, lay on a beach and read my fab magazine.
God, I miss some free time.

Btw I want this one....Even though Gisele will look much better than me.

Just one week and summer will officially begin.....


I hope everyone is having a great time.
Until next time, don't forget "sunlotion, hat and big black sunglasses". Sun is dangerous.
Kisses x x x

Friday, June 11, 2010

visiting UK

Before two weeks i visited UK for business (well it sounds really good...). It's not like "Hey i am going to London for shopping and sightseeing". I went to visit some universities, ok a lot...and my programm was quite tight.
Here is a sample of my stops around UK.

I' ll explain you my exact programm....
from Athens-Greece  to  Heathrow airport -> Manchester -> Leeds -> Bradford -> Milton Keynes -> Coventry -> Leamington Spa -> Birmingham -> Bristol -> Reading -> London -> Heathrow airport  back to Athens-Greece
And all these in 6 days...So tiring only to describe it, imagine to do it.

And the trip starts here:

The Alps

Between France and UK

In Manchester airport

Alhambra Theatre in Bradford
Boots: Nak
Bag: Lollipops
Shorts: Pull & Bear
Tshirt: Roxy
Sweater: Promod
Trench Coat: More More

the view from the room

Leaving Bradford
Jean: Staff
Shirt: Zara
Camisole: Benetton
Necklace: Topshop
Trench Coat: More More
Bag: From Sweden
Shoes: All Star

Relaxing in a hotel in Coventry

the view from the hotel
I am in nature...There are ducks, chickens and rabbits outside my window.
Boots: Nak
Dress: Zara
Sweater: Promod
Scarf: Accessories

 the river in Leamington Spa
Ok...I was impressed by the green, the friendly people and the fact that the weather was very good (hot weather, no rain at all)

a strange sculpture
Jean: Staff
Sweater: Zara
Scarf: Zara
bag: from Sweden
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: All Star

All the ducks belong to Queen. Did you knew that? I didn't.

I have an obssession with signs.
I just want to take pictures in front of signs that say where i am.

From Birmingham to Bristol
There are air balloons (I suppose this is how they are called). Can you see them?

Fish and chips

Sightseeing Tour of London
Well, to be honest there was no time to see London or go for some serious shopping.

but i had time for a quick shopping, just to buy presents.
Jeans: Lee
Tshirt: H&M
Cardigan: Zara
Bag: from Sweden
Shoes: All Star

Hyde Park

Big Ben

The London Eye

Ok...that's it. My last photo before leaving UK. I have to hurry or else I'll miss the plane.

Somewhere here i want to talk about a little adventure we (I was not alone, my friend was with me) had.

We missed the train from Bristol to London just for 5 minutes and it was 11 o' clock in the night. The next train departure was at 5:30 in the morning, so we had to wait for about 6 hours for the next train. Unfortunately the train station had to be locked in the night, so we had to spend the night in a bench just outside the station. Well it was very cold. My friend gave me one of his jackets, which i wore on top of my trench coat, but i was still freezing. Finally I managed to sleep for an hour, while my friend was looking after me and the luggage. Thank you A. The rest hours I was scrolling up and down in order to warm up, but with no results. Finally we catch the train at 5:30 but unfortunatelly (one more time) it stopped at Reading due to mechanical problem, so we had to take a bus to reach Heathrow airport, where our hotel was. Finally we arrived at the hotel at 8 o clock in the morning, tottally tired.

But this is something I am going to remember for the rest of my life. Sleeping in a bench, meeting new people, new places, finding my way with no maps at all. Well great experience.

Until next time, take care you guys. Kisses x x x

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My life in a bag

Have you ever thought what we carry every day in our bags? I thought about it yesterday while trying to move all my "belongings" from one bag to another. Indeed it's impressive what we (the women) can fit inside a bag.

Take a look what i discovered inside my bag:

sunglasses, for the sunny days
keys, where i also have my usb sticks, because i loose them quite often
mp3 player, to spend my time while using the public transport
wallets, not one but two, even though they are always empty (where did all my money went?)

tissues, wet and not. I don't like my hands to be dirty
mobile phone, until i get a Blackberry (Elena i am so jealous. I want a Blackberry too)
all the necessary papers like ID, driving licence etc
pen and notebook, i am a busy person

gums and candies. Here you can see a box of gums my sister brought me from her trip in Sweden. It's pink and says shopaholic (not that i am. . . .), it's so cute. Now it is empty, so i fill it with mints for fresh breath.

Ohh and something else. . . . it has a mirror inside!!!! Perfect?

Evian(not featured), my face is too oily and it is the best way to become normal again.
Make up kit(not featured), blush, black eyepencil, conciler and lip balm have always a place in my bag

Oh and my bag: vintage Cerutti, i borrowed from mum and never gave it back. Oups...i forgot.

So what does your bag contains? Less or more than mine?