Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just 2 days

Dear diary. . . it's official!!!

On Tuesday I am leaving. UK I am coming. Wait for me.

But let's begin with my news.
Now that FNO is over I must admit. . . . . I am way toooooooo shy. Due to this 'little problem' I was unable to take photos. I just didn't like people looking at me while I was taking photos, even though everyone had a camera on his hand. So no photos at all. I was so sad and dissappointed about myself that I left, and went with my sister to eat Chinese. The fried banana for dessert made me feel so much better. You should try it.

NEW RULE : Become more social!!! Talk to people and don't be shy!

I visited Blanko, but I did it on the first week of their opening and it was Saturday - BIG mistake - so the chaos inside the store was undescribable.
Unfortunately, the collection wasn't the winter one. It was more of a fall collection, but since I am about to leave, I wanted some, more appropriate for winter, clothes, and despite the temtation, I bought nothing at all.

I also, went to other known stores in Ermou street, where the situation was so weird. The customers were so few. There were no lines at the cashier and it was so peaceful. Strange for Saturday morning. But then I thought  '' No it's not the crisis, it's Blanko opening ''. New store in town, so everyone is back there. But once again I bought nothing at all. I loved their collections and they had perfect clothes for the winter, but I had another problem. No space in my suitcase!!!

I am allowed to carry 2 suitcases on the plane, one 20 kilos and one handbag 8 kilos. With only 28 kilos what can I pack? My wardrobe weights more, way more. So by buying new clothes, I had to find more space. And I don't have it. So I decide not to buy anything. Besides they have shops in UK. I am not going in Antarctica. Really, do they have shops in Antarctica? I don't know.

My parents are going to send me by post, a box with the clothes that won't fit in my suitcases, but for every 20 kilos they have to pay 100 euros, and I don't want them to spend so much money for my clothes, that I might not even wear. So I have to decide wisely of what to pack or not with me. So difficult!

Today my parents and I went my sister to the airport. She went to UK too. This moment, that I am writing, she is in a bus on the way to her university. Oh I miss her soooo much. Ok I will be in UK in 2 days, but it's not like we are going to be together. Totally different universities, totally different areas. It's the first time we are going to be away from each other. We used to do everything together, together at school, together at sports, together on walks, everything together. But I have to be strong, besides I am grown up. 
I can do everything by myself!

It's weird being a twin. It's such a unique bonding....

Well I am going to continue packing now. I want to be free tomorrow, to go for a walk, one last walk....

(Hey, I am talking like I'll never going to return back to Greece. I should stop the drama)

Ps: Wish me luck with the ''packing issue''.
Ps2: Sorry for having no pictures to give some color to my blah blah blah.

Until next time, many many kisses x x x


stella said...

omg! you're moving to the Uk? amazing news. you'll be shopping in topshop there so why pack frome here?
btw i have a problem with taking pictures too, because as i don't like my picture taken from random people, why would they want their picture taken from me? plus if you're into takin pictures ALL the time, you miss the fun of the actual event

Panagiota said...

ok piga na sta grapso sta agglika alla anyway sta ellinika kalitera!kali arxi ola na pane kala me to ftiaximo tis valitsas!na peraseis teleia ,na kaneis polla psonia!na gnwriseis kosmo!na pas se kainourgia meroi!kai ola afta na mas ta deixneis mesa apo to blog kai na zilevoume!:) GOOD LUCK!

Vali said...

@Stella: I totally agree with you. Taking pictures all the time, makes you miss the event, and this is why you are going see the event live, not through a camera lence. Right?

About UK now. I am soooo excited. Of course i will visit topshop, ''it's a UK sightseeing'', but i just feel so ''empty'' without my clothes and shoes....

@Panagiota m, apantao ki ego sta ellinika. S'euxaristo para poli gia tis euxes sou. M'aresei na gnorizo kosmo (apo alles xores panta, kathos, paraxeno gia mena, me tous xenous aisthanomai poli aneta kai den ntrepomai katholou), nea meri, na kano psonia vevaios vevaios. Elpizo na peraso super kai na paro kai to polipothito xarti. Exallou min xexname gi'auto pao kata kirio logo.
Oso gia ti valitsa, einai sxedon etoimi. Afairesa arketa, alla telika kleinei!!!

Fashion Nicotine said...

Have fun in the UK!

heroine temptation said...

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