Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer 2010! ! !

My summer is officcially over. I spend it in places all over Greece. I went in Crete, in Evia and Alonnisos.
I really wanted to relax. . . .and relax. . . . . . . . . . and relax.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The whole year was very tiring.

I was exhausted with my dissertation, which I finally managed to finish on the end on June. Unfortunatelly I missed the June's graduation so I am about to graduate on DECEMBER!!!! I have to wait 6 months in order to get my degree. That's so unfair.
Anyway, on the end of September I am about to leave. I am moving to UK for my Master.
Ohh I am so excited!!!

Back to holidays now. . .  This is the first time I went somewhere and I didn't took many photos. So I don't have a lot to show you. Neither outfit, nor places I visited.

These are the only I have. Hope you like them.

You will see, that I have an obssession with these sandals. I can say that I spend all the summer wearing them. Sooooo comfortable and soooo not mine :P (thanx mum).

Ready for a wedding. Simple with a black dress and pink peep toes.

  Somewhere in Herakleion - Crete....

It's Herbie and my jumper.

Admiring the sunset in Crete. Unfortunately I was freezing, as you can see.

That is why I am wearing my boyfriends jacket.

On the ship, with the wind blowing my hair...

This is a bag I bought from River Island when I visited UK this May. I like the combination of perles and chain in the handles.( I don't now if you can see it, though)

Observing the night sky...

As you can see I love this particular bag too. It matches great both with black and beige.

Im so sorry for the quality. It isn't the best, I know.

I have to go now. I am making lists of what I might need with me. I want to be ready. In about a month I am leaving. Oh butterflies in my stomach.

Until next time, many many kisses x x x

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hey guys. I am finally back. I don't know if anyone missed me, but I really missed all of you and of course I missed posting.

My vacation came to an end. I suppose. . .I haven't planned anything else yet. Before I start posting about how great they were, I will answer some questions that stella from asked me to.

Here they are:

1. Do you have a hidden talent?
Well I am not sure if I have a talent. I never thought of it and I guess I don't have one. Ohh I am so stupid. I can't do anything right. I can't sing, play a musical instrument, dance (no I can dance really well, but that's not a talent), draw. Anything! 

2. If you were given $£€1k, would you spend the majority of it on shoes or bags - can't say both! 
Ok I can't say both, so I think I would spend the money in bags. Personally, I think it is better to own a good designer's bag (ok and more than one), than a designer's pair of shoes. The shoes, even being designer's or not, always killing your feet. So you will end up crying for all the money you actually spend for something you are never going to wear. A bag never dissappoints you. I go for the bags.

3. If you could only take 5 things with you to a dessert island what would they be?
Dessert Island. . .sun. . .sea. . .Well, let's see. . . a sunblock, my sunglasses, towel, swimsuit and last but not least, my hat.

4. If you could switch places with a celebrity for the summer, whose life would you want to live temporarily?
I have no idea. My summers are always great. So I wouldn't like to change places with a celeb. 
Maybe in the winter. . .I would really like to go to a chalet in Switzerland. Which celeb is going there? I suppose everyone. So with anyone who goes there, for skying, partying and social networking.

5. What are your 5 best fashion buys ever! 
I would say. . . my Mark Jacobs sunglasses, my Tommy Hilfiger handbag, a black cape from Rococo, my pink-beige oxford shoes from Buffalo London and my navy-blue platforms from Exe.

6. What is the most precious gift someone has ever given you? 
My watch, with a white leather strap and gold case. It is the first "serious" gift (the puppets and the chocolates don't count), my boyfriend gave me.

7.Name your 3 favourite perfumes/scents.
Silver Rain (La Prairie), Yes Gold (Pupa) and L (Lolita Lempicka).

It's my turn to tag three bloggers.
eliza, nells and katerina. Girls if you want take part into this Q&A game.

I'll be back really really soon. Until then many kisses x x x