Saturday, June 8, 2013

Back in the game

After a year of absence I'm back in the blogging game!!!!!   :-)

After figuring out my life, setting priorities and overcoming lots of difficulties I decided to do what I really love in order to be happy and enjoy my life (besides it's too short to spend it unwisely). 

Sooo. . . . . this past years' achievements, resolutions, etc...:

  • I found a job!!! I feel quite releaved because now I don't have to spend all day long in the house feeling depressed, stupid and completely useless. (Yeahh, this is how I really felt. I even decided to have an IQ test, to verify that indeed I am stupid, that is why I can't get a job. Unfortunately for my feelings, but thankfully for me, I have a quite high IQ, but this is another story.) Anyway the thing is I got a job!! Honestly, the money are not that good, but at least the job is relevant to my studies (that is Biomedical Engineering...) and it's very interesting.
  • I got my Masters' degree!!! I am super super excited. I know it's not that great, because nowadays everyone has one. But still I feel so proud about myself.
  • I decided to learn how to sew!!! I will tell you about my experience as soon as I start. I even decided to take a course in fashion and learn more about it.
  • I decided to follow the moto: Dress to impress myself, and no one else!!!!! I won't let anyone criticise my style, what I wear and how I feel.
  • I will try to keep my nails and hair in perfect condition so that I can feel even more amazing everyday.
  • Try to uncoditionally offer my help to all those who really need it.
  • Work harder to become a better person, achieve my dreams and discover my super amazing (but well hidden) self.

From now on I will start improving myself and enjoying my life. Sooo, cheers to that!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lunch with my tutor

Couple of days ago I had my first dinner with my tutor. It wasn't at a restaurant, just a welcome buffet somewhere inside the university. I have never been in a situation like this before so I had no idea what to wear. I choose these clothes. They were ok. Besides no one was interested about what everyone else was wearing or doing. Everyone went straight to the buffet. . . . . .so many hungry students. . . . . . Probably they miss their mum's cooking skills. Ok I admit it I was one of them. I was really hungry that day.

 My fetix was this butterfly ring. So cute. 
Ohhh and my new nail polish. From 17 Lasting Fix nail polish (color: Smoke Signal)
I have to make a complain. All the nail polishes I brought with me from Greece are. . . how can I say this. . . ok, when I paint my nails, after some hours the color breaks and pieces fall everywhere. It is sooo strange. Back in Greece these nail polishes were great. I don't know what's their problem now. I thought it was due to the climate change and the humidity. If you have any explanation please let me know.

Btw the meeting was ok. We just ate, talked about different things, except from the crucial one - our master - and leave. That's all.
Anyway I should go to sleep. I have classes tomorrow morning, from 9 to 6:30 . . . . . I can't even say it. It sounds soo tiring.

Goodnight guys. Take care. Until next time, many kisses x x x

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My life in UK

As I promised, I'll show you how my life in UK is.
I don't leave on campus but in a small town near the campus. So I can say that indeed I have leaved in England!

Here you can see the river that crosses my town. It has a lovely bridge built in 1875!

Here is a view of the post office and the old church, from the bridge.

Every Sunday there is an autumn market....

We have many parks.....

Here is a view of my University.

And here you can see the bus that I take to go to the campus.

Here is the palace (!). I don't know what is it. I just took a picture of it. It reminds me of Jasmine and Alladin. Did you watched it too?

And here are the streets in my town. It's so different from what I was used to see every day....

Ok.... I'll show you and some outfits really soon.
Until then, many hugs and kisses x x x