Friday, September 11, 2009

Playing with the camera

I dare to say that summer is over. . . . .
I enjoed my vacation in both, sea (Cyprus, Krete, Evia) and mountain (my villages). The few days i decided to spent there become 3 whole weeks. Luckily i had enough clothes with me (just in case), but not the appropriate one. The weather was cold and all my clothes were shorts and tshirts. Of course i had 2 jeans and a sweater, but with 15 degrees out and lots of rain what can they do to me? Thank God my cousin lend me one of her jackets.

And since sun didn't saw me for 3 weeks . . . . my lovely sunburned color started to go away.
To tell you the truth, most of the days were sunny, but my programm was something like that:
Wake up at 4 o'clock in the evening, went out for walks until 5 in the early morning.
Back at home, sleeping until 4 in the evening and it goes on. . .
When i woke up at 4 the sun was going down.
Here are some of my "artistic" fotos.

I may be 21 but i still climb on tiles. . .of other houses and always night of course. . . to look at the stars.
top: Pull & Bear
jean: Lee
shoes: All star

I decided to express my artistic side. . .
Jacket: Pull & Bear
necklace: Promod
jean: Lee
Tshirt: Roxy
shoes: Monastiraki

Finally a day with good weather. . .
Tshirt: Zara
jean: Lee
shoes: from Monastiraki
sunglasses: Marc Jacobs


A poze from my comeback in the hot Athens. . .
dress: Topshop
shoes: Stradivarius

and another one. . .
Tshirt: i cant remember
shorts: Pull & Bear
shoes: Exe
bag: present from Kos
watch: Follie Follie

and another one. . .
scarf: Zara
Tshirt: Benetton
belt: from Prague
jean: Sexy Woman
watch: Follie Follie

See u soon. Until then take care. Kisses x x x


mika said...

polu ouaou oi fotos sou :)
so nice outfits!

Mairyliscious said...

ti teleia peep toes
kalh epistrofh kalo fthinopwro kalh mou !!!

meraldia said...

Kalokairi vrady na vlepo ta asteria sto horio einai to kalytero mou! Empeiries axehastes!
Welcome back:)

Anonymous said...

mu aresun ola idiaitera omws to 2o k to 5o outfit...a k teleioooo scarf!

mademoiselle myrtilo. said...

πάρα πολύ ωραίο το φουλάρι!!!μ αρέσουν πολυ και τα παπούτσια στο 3ο

tonia fashion tour said...

ti omorfa outfits?!!!teleies oi pics..eidika i prwti sta keramidia..!!!kai to foulari teleio!!!

little_princess said...

Sas euxaristo poli gia ta kala sas logia. Kalo ftinoporo se oles!!!
Tha ithela na anevaso ki alles foto alla o ipologistis mou xalase kai mexri na paro kainourio...