Friday, August 7, 2009

10 things about me

Thank you mairyliscious for your tag. Well here are 10 things about me. 1. I love colors! I can't think of someone having no colours into his life. Life without colors is so miserable.... 2. I have a twin sister (we are identical twins) and i love her sooooooooooooo much. 3. My biggest dream is to travel all over the world and meet new people, places and cultures. 4. I hate coffee. It just stinks. 5. I also dont drink coca-cola. I love juices, milkshakes, chocolate and strawberry daquiri(!). Everyone says it's so uncool but this is what i like. 6. I dont say "bad" words. . . .even though some times i really need it. It's the good upbringing my parents gave to me and my sister... 7. I love Barbie's films. 8. I also love watching cartoons... 9. I am very shy. I never call to arrange an appointment for the hair salloon. I never order something to eat. I never get inside a new place, where i've never been before , like a new cafe or club, first. Always last, following those who know. I just don't know what to say or where to go, and in order not to show how irrelative i am, i avoid it. . . .But i am trying to fix it. 10. No one knows about this blog....neither my sister..... Well now its my turn to tag you guys to tell us 10 things about you. - marietta - Little stylist - Hippiegirl - Stella - K@terina B. - Mika - Elena See u soon. Until then take care. Kisses x x x


Marietta said...

Exoume para polla koina, alla to blog to exo deiksei stin dikia mou aderfi!(se kanenan allon omos ektos apo t agori mou!)
Daquiri fraoula mono sta Fridays mou arese, de mporo na vro ena meros allo pou na to ftiaxnoun me freskia fraoula! Kai episis den pino cola kai kafe,mpliax!
Thanks for the tag!

little_princess said...

Alitheia??? Xairomai pou den eimai i moni pou den tis aresei o kafes kai i coca cola. Oso gia daquiri fraoula m'aresei sto Balux cafe, alla eisai apo thessaloniki opote... :(

Anonymous said...

upervolika polla koina k thanks for the tag sweety!dn pinw coca cola,latrevw ta taxidia k ta cartoons allaaaa auto pu sigura exume koino k dn to exw xanavrei se allon einai n ntrepesai n paraggeileis,se katalavainw apoluta!egw to exw exelixei anti n to veltiwsw,ntrepomai n perpataw prwti gnk sto dromo,ntrepomai n milisw s kapoio gnwsto mu an dn erthei ekeinos k fusika dn milaw polu se megales parees protimw mexri 4 atomwn..

stella said...

thanks για την πρόσκληση αλλά έχω παίξει ήδη διάφορα παρόμοια tags!