Saturday, July 18, 2009

back in Athens...

Holidays in Crete are over. What a pity ...
The most important thing is that I spent 10 wonderful days with my boyfriend, away from everyting.
I relax a bit of reading and exams, I went to the sea, got tanned and I did a little detoxification by the computer and the internet. I needed so....

Not to gabble, i begin:

Making my suitcase, the night before my departure, i was a little bit hungry. You want the excitement of the holiday "tomorrow i'm leaving, yupi !!!!", "there is a beautiful film on tv and cannot watch it without something to eat" i discovered a little treasure (unfortunately it was a small one) in the refrigerator. The plate is in christmas mood, but I am totally with the spirit of summer!

From my suitcase I can't say that came out special pieces to walk over the island...Besides i was in vacation.

I also discover the wild side of Crete...i went in an aquarium and saw from close live, and for the first time ever, a shark...

Of course so many days i change many outfits but unfortunatelly my camera run out of right.

And not to forget....Crete's beauty:
Have a nice summer, all of you. Kisses.


stella said...

δεν έχω καλύτερο από τα καλοκαιρινά χαλαρά ντυσιματάκια!! φαίνεται να πέρασες σούπερ πάντως!

Mairyliscious said...

ki egw agapi molis epestrepsa kai dn ebgala oute ta misa apo th balitsa olh mera paralia :)ppp
teleio post uperoxes photo perasate super! na ste kala na ksanapate !!!

Marietta said...

Teleia i Kriti! Mia apotoksinosi apo to internet kanei se olous kalo!
Ta fagita itan poli kalitera ap oti fainontai stis photo!
Oso gia ta papoutsia min apo8arinesai, pantou ta idia exoun, isos ligoteri poikilia se mas alla pote den ksereis, koita mipos iparxoun!

mary_ronaldo said...

it seems like you had a great time.
i'm so jealous!
i'll start studying for the final exams[panellhnies] in august and so i will not be able to go on holiday. :(

anyway all your outfits were great!
especially the one with the navy look!