Saturday, June 8, 2013

Back in the game

After a year of absence I'm back in the blogging game!!!!!   :-)

After figuring out my life, setting priorities and overcoming lots of difficulties I decided to do what I really love in order to be happy and enjoy my life (besides it's too short to spend it unwisely). 

Sooo. . . . . this past years' achievements, resolutions, etc...:

  • I found a job!!! I feel quite releaved because now I don't have to spend all day long in the house feeling depressed, stupid and completely useless. (Yeahh, this is how I really felt. I even decided to have an IQ test, to verify that indeed I am stupid, that is why I can't get a job. Unfortunately for my feelings, but thankfully for me, I have a quite high IQ, but this is another story.) Anyway the thing is I got a job!! Honestly, the money are not that good, but at least the job is relevant to my studies (that is Biomedical Engineering...) and it's very interesting.
  • I got my Masters' degree!!! I am super super excited. I know it's not that great, because nowadays everyone has one. But still I feel so proud about myself.
  • I decided to learn how to sew!!! I will tell you about my experience as soon as I start. I even decided to take a course in fashion and learn more about it.
  • I decided to follow the moto: Dress to impress myself, and no one else!!!!! I won't let anyone criticise my style, what I wear and how I feel.
  • I will try to keep my nails and hair in perfect condition so that I can feel even more amazing everyday.
  • Try to uncoditionally offer my help to all those who really need it.
  • Work harder to become a better person, achieve my dreams and discover my super amazing (but well hidden) self.

From now on I will start improving myself and enjoying my life. Sooo, cheers to that!!!

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