Friday, April 16, 2010

After a month. . . .

Hello everybody.
After a month and something. . . i decided to open my computer.
All these days i had a great time. Let me explain and show how did i spend it.

1: On 31 March it was my Bday. I am 22 now. But i don't like the fact that i grow up. This means that now i have more responsibilities. . .Unfortunately my Bday were in the Holly days of Easter so we (my sister and i) didn't blow our candles. We did it 10 days later. Whatever.

If you can see, the one candle is broken and we stuck it with glue. My sister broke it when she tried to put it in the cake. But it was an ice cream cake and was toooo frozen so she couldn't do it.

PS: I am still waiting for my Birthday present. I want the pair of shoes i saw the other day in Stadiou, ok, my beautiful sister???

2:  I spend Easter in my village. I eat a lot, i saw my relatives and had a great time in general.


3: I also travelled a lot, in order to visit my other village (I have 2 villages, and i feel so proud about it). This is a view from the places i saw while travelling from one village to the other:

As you can see i travelled north and the mountains there still have snow.

4: This is how it was in my other village.
Even though i am 22 i act like a 12year old child. Sorry.

Thats all for now. I hope everyone is fine. Until next time take care. Kisses x x x


Anonymous said...

Allaxes blog??Me geiaaa!Opws panta cute and stylish,mu aresun polu oi fwto k ap'ta duo meri..A,k happy bday :) Better late than never!

V_squared said...

I alitheia einai oti variemai eukola. Etsi eipa na to allaxo ligaki. Euxaristo. Euxaristo. Euxaristo.

Btw to skilaki sou einai teleio!!!!!

meraldia said...

Φαίνεται πως πέρασες τέλεια! Πανέμορφες φωτογραφίες!