Friday, May 15, 2009

Fotos from Aigina...

Before 2 days i came back from my trip to Aegina. Fortunately the weather was perfect. The only problem was that there wasn't blowing enough so it took us a little bit more to reach Aigina's port... but who cares? What struck me was the fact that Saronikos was full of every kind and size of yachts. Where did they saw financial crisis? While sailing we wear our old clothes, that is why i look like that...

Because of the heat i couldn't hold and dive my feet into the sea. The water, though cold, had such a nice color ...  
The sunset was just amazing!!!

The night we went for a walk to discover Aigina's nightlife. It isn't the best photo, however. 
And now back to our base. Back to Athens. 
 I might get tired a little and got dizzy by the sun, but it was totally worthwhile!!!  

I hope you have such an experience too. Kisses x x x

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